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Where will you adventure? What will you experience? How will you wander?

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We believe that life is a journey. We encourage adventure, new experiences, and openness. We believe in the positive impact that marijuana can have, in its ability to enhance an individual’s journey and heal one’s body and mind. Because of our roots in the Washington farming and agricultural industry, we have the expertise to source the best cannabis products that Washington has to offer.

We deliver strong cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Pair our products with your favorite activities: paddleboarding at sunset, hiking trails, hitting the slopes, partying at the Gorge, or exploring new neighborhoods. Or enjoy a night in, overlooking the Puget Sound from your rooftop deck. Whatever you are into and wherever you are going, we have the right product to complement your experience.

Wander Cannabis has a growing network of locations. Check your local dispensary for our premium oils. Don’t see Wander in your dispensary?

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We emphasize a minimalistic approach to packaging and branding. From our small packaging that can be recycled to our use of stamps that label our boxes. We believe that this approach will shrink our carbon footprint but still provide the consumer with a fantastic product.


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